Our Self Storage is simple.

Our Stroud & Stonehouse based Self Storage facilities allows you to rent a storage ‘unit’. The unit is solely for your use and you will have your own padlock and key to secure it.

You only pay for the space you need and the length of time you use it.

Why Do People Use Self Storage?

People use self storage because they want extra storage space without cluttering up their homes and businesses.

Having a secure storage unit that they control themselves lets customers manage their space more effectively in a cost effective and secure manner.

Sterling Storage Units to Suit All Budgets and Needs

Self Storage can be thought of as “do-it-yourself” solution – you get all the benefits and peace of mind of a professional and secure facility but on your terms. You are not reliant on specialist removal companies and you can access your belongings whenever you want at no extra cost.

At Sterling Storage Solutions, customers can add or remove goods from storage as they wish and if more storage space is required, then they can move into a bigger unit.

Free and unlimited access to our Stroud & Stonehouse Self Storage facilities can be anytime using our automated key fob swipe entry system.  This is particularly handy for small business traders and people wishing to access hobby related apparatus where room at home is at a premium.

What are the Storage Units?

Our storage units consist of a ‘village’ of populated shipping containers that come in different sizes.  We have invested over £1-million and each unit has been been bought brand new.  They have been strategically placed within our self storage facility in Stroud and Stonehouse so that you can easily access them to load/unload your storage items.

Each ‘unit’ has been internally coated with a thermal compound which eradicates any means of condensation or damp entering the totally watertight robust sealed unit.  You can be sure that all areas are dry, fresh and most of all are secure.

How do I lock my Unit & Which Unit is Mine?

You can provide your own padlock or you can purchase one from us.  You will retain the keys yourself.  Alternatively our staff would be happy to check and air your items by prior arrangement if you are hiring for prolonged periods of time.

Subject to availability, you can choose your own unit on the site.  Each unit has been assigned a simple identification number, for example ‘ST007’ or ‘SH010’ which is displayed on the top of the unit door and will be your reference number for the duration of the hire period.

Sterling Storage Solutions, Your No.1 for self storage in Stroud, Nailsworth, Stonehouse & surrounding areas.